Stop hating your 9-5 and start leveraging it to fund your dream life!

Join SLS Your 100K Year Program designed to help you increase, save, and generate more income … in record time!

SLS Your 100K Year Program

Where 6-figures is only the minimum


"My biggest challenge before SLS Your 100k Year was figuring out how to invest and save money from my 9-5. Before joining SLK 100k year I was overwhelmed by all of the facets of investing; stocks, crypto, nft’s. It all sounded (and looked) so complex. Through SLS and my engagement I have been able to save/invest 15k. I now have the confidence to “pick a lane”, make and grow my money. This education has changed my life because I have been able to quit my job and still sustain myself as an entrepreneur. It’s all the way up from here and the year’s not even over!"

Afia C.

"Before enrolling, I was stuck in a low paying job although I am qualified to do more and make more money. After completing the Your 100K Year Group Coaching and Accountability program, I got a new job with a $34k increase. I went from making $45k as a coordinator to $79k as an operations manager at a college institute. I’ve been able to max out my Roth IRA, invest heavily into M1, and have a cushioned emergency fund"

- Ebonee A.

If you’re a corporate employee who’s been working for 3 or more years, then now is the time to learn how to use your 9-5 to build your dream life. 

SLS. Your 100K Year program is a 16-week group coaching intensive that was created to help give underpaid corporate 9-5ers more freedom by increasing their career income so they can finally invest and generate passive income.

Imagine being able to... 

Spend your next birthday or holiday in the Maldives stress free, without

  • Being glued to your computer
  • Obsessively checking your phone
  • Worrying about looming deadlines
  • Dealing with annoying co-workers

Clients that have used my strategies in the SLS Your 100K Year have had amazing results and shifts in their lives.

Real Clients Real Results

"I have gotten a 10% raise in my current position, made over $50,000 reselling, paid off $13,000 debt, increased my credit score by 50 points, and invested over $10,000 into cryptocurrency,all while changing into a career path that has a 6 figure base salary"

- Daniel L.

"I had challenges identifying my next career move and determining what investments I should pursue such as crypto and alternative assets (i.e., sports cards, paintings). After completing the program I accepted a new position with a $22K increase, paid off one credit card, and more confidence in myself. I feel more assertive and not timid about what I want."

- Armand R.

"All the coaching calls, the chats, the guest calls, the information that is given out, is beyond amazing and helpful. Everyone is encouraging, inspirational, and I have benefited so much from the content that had been provided. I struggle with being consistent and sometimes second guess if what I am going after is worth it. Since joining because there is something going on each week and talking to other people in my position, I know that I am on the right path. I have increased my income by $30,000"

Simone W.

"My biggest challenge before joining was not being financially literate and thinking I had to be an entrepreneur to be wealthy. This led to me going into debt and messing up my credit. When I started the program I was at a job making $17/hr, working a crazy amount of overtime with a second job. Now I make $30/hr. I don't have to work a second job. I even made $600 in passive income from reselling"

- Courtney S.

I’m in tech and I still do what I want when I want…

Hey, I'm Beez!

At the age of 19, I saw the corporate rat race for what it really was and that motivated me to rethink my life plan.  The thought of working a 9 to 5 and ultimately being buried in debt for the rest of my life, only to collect from a 401K didn’t make sense to me.

No matter how many pay raises or new titles I obtained, I still wouldn’t have the freedom to do what I wanted with my time. 

I know you know that feeling.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping corporate 9-5ers get out of that catch-22 and into a life that they love.

I’ve helped corporate 9-5ers earn over $3,000,000 collectively!

I can guide you through accomplishing your goals but first, let’s talk about why you’re here…

  • You’ve been working super hard but somehow you’re still living paycheck to paycheck. 
  • Your debt is piling up and a vacation seems more like a fantasy versus reality.
  • You feel stuck because you lack the necessary skills that are required to drastically increase your current income.
  • You want freedom through passive income but you have no clue where to start or who to turn to for resources. You don’t stress about money, put in crazy hours, or worry about the lack of job security.

This was me a few years ago …

For a long time, I struggled with deciding on where I wanted to go next in my career.  My debt had me financially crippled and I actually believed that I had to wait 5+ years to reach 6 figures in my current position. I wanted to fast track my way through their career trajectory plan but I was so lost. 

Finally, I realized that I could accomplish my goals in a fraction of the time by gaining skills that would give me more authority in my field. 

I learned early in life that I didn’t want to just be a tech worker.  In my future, I wanted wealth, freedom, and options even while working a 9-5. So, I developed my Freedom Framework to help me increase my current income, save my money while paying down debt, and convert my capital into passive income.

In a few months, I transformed my life from just an average corporate employee into an income generating mogul!

Here’s how I did it

I went from

Just having enough money to having a surplus in income

Scrolling and wishing that I had an Instagrammable life to actually living that life 

Having no options in my dead-end job to being overwhelmed with new opportunities and income increases

Welcome to SLS Your 100k Year Program

A 16-week group coaching intensive that was created to help give underpaid corporate 9-5ers more freedom by increasing their career income so they can finally invest and generate passive income.  

When you join SLS Your 100K Year, you gain instant access to

  • Your 100K Year Accelerator course (16-week Program)
  • Weekly Career Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Personal Finance & Investing Coaching Calls
  • Quarterly Mindset & Goal Setting Calls
  • Quarterly Career Workshops
  • Access to all of Beez's Masterclasses
  • SLS Discord Access
  • Exclusive SLS Your 100K Year membership area (Circle and Discord)
  • Exclusive job postings
  • Free skill-building resources
  • LIVE sessions with guest experts
  • Replays to all SLS Your 100K Year Calls

This program is for you if

  • You want to generate a 6 figure income before the age of 35 without waiting for a raise
  • You currently have a corporate position that you can leverage
  • You’re willing to take calculated risks to achieve your goals

This program isn't for anyone

  • Who is comfortable with their current position
  • Who is an entrepreneur with no interest in working a 9-5
  • Who wants to play it safe in life

Upon completion of this program, you will gain

  • A 5-year action plan that will help you reverse engineer your life while helping you identify any knowledge gap and solidifying your path to success
  • New skills that will provide you with more opportunities to increase your current income without increasing your workload
  • Financial literacy that will educate you on different passive income streams while helping you choose the right one for your life
  • A solid Retirement/Exit plan that will set you up for financial freedom and a life you truly love

Take a look inside the program 




Here you’ll set the foundation for success by completing the necessary onboarding and groundwork for  mindset shifting. 



During Phase One, we’re going to focus on increasing your career income. At the end of this phase, you should have your 5- year plan and new skills to pursue. 



During Phase Two, we’re going to focus on mastering how to make your money work for you. We’re talking about all things passive income! At the end of this phase, you should have an investment strategy, a passive income stream that generates at least $100/month, and a completed digital asset. 



During phase three, we’re going to focus on planning your retirement plan (“exit plan”) so you can finally live a life of true financial freedom. We’re talking about all things that will sustain you! At the end of this phase, you should be able to pay down 50% of your consumer debt while setting aside 2 months of income in an emergency fund. 


Pay in Full Investment: $3500

Pay in 8 Investment: $500/month

  • Professional Resume and LinkedIn Revamp - Consultation with a Professional Resume Writer. After the consultation, you will receive a complete Resume and LinkedIn profile revamp

($500 value)

  • Quarterly 60 min Career Workshops - Career workshops calls to help you excel in career skills that you never knew were valuable and made a large impact. 30/60/90 Day plans, Mid Year, and End of Year review guidance.

($1000 value)

  • 1:1 Career Planning and Reverse Engineering -  Reverse engineering goals and career planning to help people create a plan to increase their income in their current career or into a new career

($500 value)

  • 1:1 Money Allocation with Beez  - Completing a personalized money allocation spreadsheet, reviewing expenses, identifying opportunities to increase income, and revamping your finances.

($400 value)

  • Weekly 60 min Career Group Coaching Calls - Career calls where you can discuss any career issues or questions you may have.

($5000 value)

  • Quarterly 60 min Mindset & Goal Setting Group Calls - Led by a certified mindset coach to help promote a healthy mindset to assist you with reaching your full potential and to help you get unstuck with any mindset blockers you may be experiencing

($1200 value)

  • Your 100K Year Accelerator - 16-week Your 100K Year course modules with worksheets, calculators, and challenges to help you get real results FAST

($800 value)

  • Weekly 60 min Personal Finance and Investing Group Coaching Calls - Clarity calls for any financial issues or questions you may have and Stock/Crypto market overviews

($5000 value)

  • Access to SLS Discord - Exclusive Community Discord where Jobs are posted, Career study groups are held, interaction with other career professionals. Stock, Crypto, Investing, and Reselling plays are given.

($600 value)

  • Access to Beez Masterclasses - Replays to all of Beez's Masterclasses and access to all future Beez Masterclasses while enrolled in the SLS Your 100K Year program

($700 value)

$15,700 value for only $4000

Upgrade with a VIP BONUS

VIP Boardroom with Beez

Pay in Full VIP Investment: $4500

Pay in 4 VIP Investment: $1250

Upgrade to VIP and you'll unlock the Inner Circle experience. This is for 9-5 professionals who are beyond ready to expedite their 6-figure journey.

We'll meet once a month in a small intimate setting to cover passive income strategies that can inch you closer to retirement.

Each month, we'll cover a specific area of my favorite passive income strategies, and you'll get an insider’s look into how I've been able to leverage the specific strategies to earn close to $1 million in 12 months.

You'll also get access to a private group chat for boardroom members only, which gives you more access to me.

Monthly boardroom calls will have the following format:

  • 60 minute session on one passive income strategy that I've used before
  • Implementation for the month + support as you go through the implementation blueprint

Are You Ready for This Year to Be Your 100K Year?

Life Changing 1:1 Consults

I love SLS! The career planning consultation was what I needed before starting my new role. Whitney is very knowledgeable and direct on the steps needed to make a statement within your first 90-days.

Armand R.

I had a career consultation with Beez that went very well. She was very easy to talk to and answered any and all questions I had. I left out of the consultation with a very clear path and a great foundation to start on in transition to an IT career. I left out of the consultation hype and excited as I was very unsure where I should be focusing on. Even though I wasn't sure exactly which direction I wanted to go in, what we discussed allowed me to see a few different paths I could take. Would recommend this consultation over and over!

Simone W.

After achieving one of my goals, I was stuck needing direction in where I need to go next. Beez helped me break everything down and told me exactly what skills I need to learn as well as with a specific timeline. I left the call clarified and ready to work harder

John A.

Every consult I have ever had with Beez has enabled me to further my career or grow my net worth. I always leave with actionable advice and a plan to make my goals happen. She is super personable and it doesn't feel like a generalized consult. She cares and has the knowledge to help you get where you want to be. Well worth the price

Mallory B.

Beez helped clear some major doubts I was having about my finances. From prioritizing different goals to discussing possible moves I wasn’t considering yet, her advice was tailored specifically to me and my situation. 10/10 recommend for anyone who isn’t crystal clear about their direction financially.

Isaiah W.



We've got A's for your Q's

How long is the SLS Your 100K Year program?

There is 16 weeks worth of coursework for the SLS Your 100K Year program. There will be required reading and some books will be provided.  

When am I charged for Your 100K Year program ?

Payment plan members are charged on the date of sign up, and three additional charges of $1000 every 30 days.

Paid in full members are charged $3500 in full at the time of purchase.

VIP paid in full members are charged $5000 in full at the time of purchase.

When can I schedule my 1 on 1 consults and resume services?

1 on 1 consultations are unlocked after you complete the Your 100K Year Accelerator course.

Resume and LinkedIn services are unlocked after completing the career modules in the Your 100K Year Accelerator course.  

Is this program only for people in tech?

No, Your 100K Year program is for ALL industries and careers. Our goal is to position you to maximize your earning potential in your desired career field.  

Are 6 figure results guaranteed?

There are no income guarantees. Your income generated will depend on your work ethic, amount of effort you put towards your own personal development, willingness to learn, and take action. I can guarantee that the team will put as much effort as possible into each member to reach their goals.  

Can I be a full time entreprenur in the Your 100K Year program?

No, Your 100K Year program is geared towards career professionals. You can have a side business, but if you are looking for more business focused help. Beez VIP Boardroom is for you.

How do I communicate with Beez and SLS Your 100K Year program members?

You are able to communicate and network with Beez and other SLS Your 100K Year program members through the Circle platform at no additional cost  

Is the content downloadable?

No, the content in the program is not downloadable; you will only have access when you are logged into the program portal.

Will I have access to all of the course content when I sign up?

Yes, you will only be given access to all of the content in the Your 100K Year course when you sign up

Does my location matter?

Yes, this program is catered towards US citizens  

If I cancel my membership am I able to receive a refund?

No, there are no refunds. You will have access to the program for 12 months from your enrollment date and are expected to fulfill your agreed 12-month contract. This program is for people who are FULLY committed to their personal, career, and financial development.  

Who do I contact for customer service?

Contact for any billing or customer service inquiries.

*SLS - Success Life Society